Brain temperature elevations could highlight seizure-producing tissue in temporal lobe epilepsy

  • In a study of 20 patients with temporal lobe epilepsy, researchers have identified abnormal brain temperature elevations (TCRE) that correspond to seizure-producing regions.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging and thermometry analysis showed that these 20 patients had higher TCRE than 20 healthy controls, and that focal TCRE increases had spatial concordance with increased extracellular free water in the middle temporal and left inferior gyri and in the associated cortex. Moreover, TCRE increases in these regions were significantly associated with higher mood disturbance and depression scores, with correlation coefficients of 0.34 and 0.37, respectively.
  • The researchers conclude that TCRE elevations could represent a biomarker for the identification of seizure-producing tissue in people with focal epilepsy.