How does endovascular treatment affect the risk of poststroke epilepsy?

  • The risks of poststroke epilepsy (PSE) after reperfusion treatment remains unrecognized. This study evaluated the risk of PSE after endovascular treatment (EVT) in 3,319 individuals and 2 control groups (n=3,132 on intravenous thrombolysis [IVT]; n=3,184 not on treatment).
  • Survival after an adjusted 2-year risk assessment was 6.5% after EVT, 10.0% after IVT, and 12.3% after no revascularization. Patients had a lower risk of PSE after EVT compared with the no treatment group. Additionally, factors that predict PSE after EVT attributed to large infarction, high treatment NIH Stroke Scale and support 3 months after stroke.
  • According to the authors, EVT lowers the risk of PSE and IVT before EVT conferred protection against PSE.