Infections in patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis: a retrospective analysis of claims data

  • People with multiple sclerosis (pwMS) are prone to serious infections (SIs), comorbidities, and advanced disability, all associated with a higher risk for mortality.
  • In a comparative 1:1 analysis (n=8,500; median age: 52.0/52.2 years; 72% female) between pwMS and the general population, those with MS were more likely to have SIs (bacterial/parasitic: 2.3 per 100 patient years [PY]; respiratory: 2.0 per 100 PY; genitourinary: 1.9 per 100 PY), and a higher risk of hospitalized infections (genitourinary infections: incidence rate ratios [IRR] 3.3–3.8 and bacterial/parasitic infections: IRR 2.0–2.3). In addition, men were twice as likely to have SIs compared to women.
  • This study provided insight on the risk of SI associated with MS and these findings may be used to supplement existing data in ongoing trials.