Relapse rate in persons with multiple sclerosis undergoing fertility treatment

  • A multicenter cohort study evaluating the annualized relapse rate (ARR) for persons with multiple sclerosis (MS) 12 months prior to fertility treatment (FT) and 3 months after FT.
  • Fertility treatments analyzed include controlled ovarian stimulation followed by fresh embryo transfer (COS-ET), COS alone, embryo transfer (ET) alone, and oral ovulation induction (OI).
  • The mean ARR before and after COS treatment (0.26 vs 0.25; P=0.37) was not statistically significant, whilst a decrease in ARR was observed after COS-ET treatment (0.26 vs 0.09; P=0.04). There were no relapses in the 3 months following ET alone, and a single relapse after OI.