The virtual epileptic patient: a new approach for treating drug-resistant focal epilepsy

  • The virtual epileptic patient (VEP) is a personalized brain model based on virtual technology that simulates patient seizures.
  • The current study evaluated the VEP workflow in a retrospective cohort (n=53) with drug-resistant focal epilepsy. The VEP demonstrated a precision of 0.6 for defined epileptogenic zone networks. In comparison to those with resected brain regions (n=25) who underwent surgery, the VEP had lower false discovery rates in patients who were seizure-free (mean, 0.028) versus those patients with seizures (mean, 0.407). 
  • According to the authors, the VEP is now extended to an ongoing EPINOV clinical trial involving a larger prospective cohort of patients (n=356) with epilepsy.